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We are Lekan Network, a trailblazing web3 blockchain company revolutionizing global trade dynamics with our pioneering product: a web3.0 ecommerce marketplace. Our overarching ambition is to establish ourselves as the go-to ecommerce solution, trusted in both established and burgeoning economies worldwide.

Enter Yatisu, our flagship product, poised to redefine the landscape of commerce. Built on the principles of web3 technology, Yatisu holds the potential to reshape global trade paradigms. By leveraging blockchain's transparency and decentralization, we aim to streamline transactions, enhance trust, and empower participants across the supply chain.

Our journey with Yatisu begins in North America, cascading through Europe, Asia, and onwards to Africa. Notably, Africa stands as a focal point, boasting one of the world's largest informal markets—a sector encompassing a staggering 86% of global employment, as per the International Labour Organization.

Yatisu's impact transcends mere commercial transactions; it embodies a commitment to catalyze economic empowerment and foster inclusivity on a global scale. Through our platform, we aspire to unlock unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs, uplift marginalized communities, and drive sustainable economic growth.

Sellers on the platform stand poised to reap substantial rewards from this paradigm shift. As Yatisu penetrates diverse markets and catalyzes transformative change & wealth generation. .


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